• Super-concentrated energy to help maintain or improve body condition
  • 28% crude fat and 22% crude protein
  • Reduce risk of laminitis, tying-up, gastric ulcers and equine metabolic syndrome
  • Excellent Omega-3 benefits such as joint support, healthy coat quality, and improved hoof quality
  • Ships directly to you, anywhere in North America

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20kg / 44lbs Box $66.00 each

80 day supply for the average horse

10kg / 22lbs Pail $38.80 each

40 day supply for the average horse

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Feeding Instructions

Directions for use:
equinePOWER™ Cool Energy is a supplemental high-fat, low carbohydrate, energy source designed to be fed to all horses along with good quality hay, water, and vitamin/mineral supplement at the inclusion rates listed below. Be sure to gradually introduce equinePOWER™ Cool Energy into your horse's diet over a three week period.

Activity Level Daily Intake (grams) Daily Intake (Scoops)
Maintenance 125 1
Light Exercise 500 4
Moderate Exercise 875 7
Heavy Exercise 1500 12
Pregnant Mare    
     Late Gestation 500 - 750 4 - 6
Lactating Mare    
     Early Lactation 1500 12
     Late Lactation 1250 10

Use the enclosed 125 gram measuring cup to measure quantities. Good quality water should be available at all times.