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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the ingredients in equinePOWER™?
    equinePOWER™’s principal ingredients are canola, flaxseed, and alfalfa. Pulses are used as a starch to absorb the oil content. In addition, equinePOWER™ includes an antioxidant, flavourer and mold inhibitor. Complete ingredients: Canola seeds, ground flaxseeds, peas (pulse starch), oat hulls, dehydrated alfalfa meal, horse essence flavouring (Reg. No. 981452), No Mold 85® (Reg. No. 982320) and Santoquin® Liquid Antioxidant (Reg. No. 981717).
  • 2. How often should I feed equinePOWER™ to my horse?
    Add equinePOWER™ to your horse’s regular feed either once or twice daily. It is important to gradually introduce the supplement to your horse’s diet over a 3-week period to allow its’ digestive system to adapt to the new feed.
  • 3. How much equinePOWER™ should I add to my horse’s regular feed?
    equinePOWER™ is a supplemental energy source designed to be fed to horses requiring more calories in their diet. With no added vitamins or minerals, equinePOWER™ can be added to existing diet regimens that need an energy boost. Feed it to your horse at the following rates along with good quality hay, grain, vitamin and mineral supplements.

    Activity Level Daily Intake (grams) Daily Intake (Scoops)
    Maintenance 125 1
    Light Exercise 500 4
    Moderate Exercise 875 7
    Heavy Exercise 1500 12
    Pregnant Mare
         Late Gestation 500 – 750 4 – 6
    Lactating Mare
         Early Lactation 1500 12
         Late Lactation 1250 10

  • 4. Where can I buy equinePOWER
    equinePOWER™ is available across the United States and Canada through our webstore. We ship directly to your door! Try it now! Residents of Western Canada can order through our dealer network which is listed here: Canadian Dealers
  • 5. What nutrients are in equinePOWER™?
    You can download a complete nutritional analysis of equinePOWER™ here: Nutritional Analysis