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Lou ~ Barrel Racing ~ Cora Wutch

Frosty Moonin You (aka:Lou) ~ Barrel Racing ~ owner Cora Wutch

October 2015


“equinePOWER® cool energyhas been apart of my feed program for the last 13 years. Currently my barrel horse (LOU) has shown top performance using this product at only 7 years of age. No matter what time of year it is, my horses are highly complimented from the use of this product. I’m a proud user of equinePOWER® cool energy


Cora Wutch ~ Medicine Hat, Alberta
Canadian professional barrel racer


Lou before competition summer 2015

Lou before competition summer 2015

Cora Wutch~Medicine Hat, Alberta (Barrel Racing)
Flash ~ winter 2015 in Florida

Flash ~ winter 2015 in Florida

August 2015


“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love your product, equinePOWER® cool energy. In mid summer of 2014, my endurance gelding Flash was on the very thin side. I was feeding him a complete feed with oil added and as well he was on a lush pasture. I spoke with my vet and he gave him a conditioning score of MAYBE a 3. I need him to be around a 5. I asked what else I could do to bring his weight up. He recommended equinePOWER® cool energy and said every horse should be on this stuff. So I promptly went out and bought a box of it. I have been feeding it to all of my horses since and they have never looked better! Flash immediately started putting weight back on, and within several months was back up to 5 on the condition scale. I run 50 and 75 mile endurance races with all 3 of my geldings, and this stuff gives them the energy to get through even in the toughest of terrains. They aren’t losing weight as our season progresses and they stay calm and focused before and throughout a race…the energy it provides doesn’t make they all hot and crazy which can happen with other supplements. They all look fantastic and continue to get stronger and stronger without getting run down. My gelding Karim has completed four 75 mile races so far this year and he is in fine form…getting ready to head to Ontario this August to compete in the North American Endurance Team Challenge as a member of the Canada West team to do his 5th 75. In this sport our partners need to be fed a high fat/high protein diet in order to have the energy to get through these long distances, and equinePOWER® cool energy provides that. I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen since feeding this to my boys…and they love it!!”


Tracy Vollman ~ Endurance Racer (Ranked #12 World)


Karim & Tracy Vollman Summer 2015

Karim & Tracy Vollman Summer 2015

Tracy Vollman ~ Regina, Saskatchewan (Endurance Racer) Ranked #12 in World August 2015
Bro & Janna Lawson ~ Jumping Circuit

Bro & Janna Lawson ~ Jumping Circuit


“equinePOWER® cool energy enabled us to keep a bloom on the horse throughout the year, contributed to his great coat condition and numerous wins in the jumper ring. equinePOWER® cool energy is a great product for a difficult keeper or any horse requiring more groceries.”

Jana Lawson, Saskatoon

“I have a hunter and have been searching for a supplement which would give him extra energy in the show ring but still keep him calm and relaxed. I’ve tried different types of feeds and supplements but they tend to make him hot and somewhat unpredictable. I have found the solution with equinePOWER® cool energy! I love the fact that this product is comprised of all natural ingredients and it is highly digestible. Also, as an added bonus my horse’s coat is glossier than ever!”

Gail W., Toronto

“I knew your product was good, I just didn’t realize how good until my horse Paladin contracted Potomac Horse Fever in September. He wasn’t eating anything, not even his favourite horse cookies. The vet had run out of options and told us there was nothing more he could do. My husband and I felt helpless and finally decided we had to try to force feed him something. I looked around the barn and then I saw equinePOWER® cool energy. He was to be and now, thanks to equinePOWER® cool energy, still will be able to be my husband’s next show horse. Thank you for such an exceptional product and for saving our horse Paladin’s life!”

Rhonda Lemmon, Noisy Hollow Acres, Lacombe

“Both horses look great and are well-muscled. My trainer is overly impressed with the results of equinePOWER® cool energy on the horses and attributes a lot of their success at the races to equinePOWER® cool energy.”

Jerry Hagenaars, Hafford

“We have seen amazing results. Their coats look great and have tons of gloss. People at the barn think we spray them with show sheen but we don’t!”

Cassie Bolingbroke & Arliss Thorsteinson, Ace Ranch

“All our horses love the taste of your product and I love the smell and enjoy adding it to their regular rations. We have seen nothing but positive results from feeding equinePOWER® cool energy.”

Rose & Brett, Cherry Grove Stables